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Our Wines!

Our wines regularly win medals in international wine competitions!

Chestnut Run Farm produces three Asian pear wines and a Fuji apple wine. We grow eight different varieties of Asian pears, ferment the varieties separately or in specific combinations, and then blend the resulting wine to develop the three distinctly different Asian pear wines we bottle.

We also grow Fuji apples and use them to produce our Fuji apple wine. All fruit used for wine production is grown here on our farm and we use only perfect, tree-ripened fruit for fermentation; no drops or otherwise lower grade fruit are used. If we would not pack a piece of fruit for table use, we do not use it in the production of our wine.

Our most recent awards were a Silver Medal for our Semi-Sweet Asian Pear Wine in the 2012 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition and a Double Gold Medal for our Spiced Sweet Asian Pear Wine in the 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

Quality wines can only be made from quality fruit!

  Our Double Award Winner Pear Wine

Our Wine Labels - Click Lable for Description.

Dry Crisp Asian Pear Wine

Dry Crisp Asian Pear wine label

Produced from our own Asian pears, this lightly-oaked, absolutely dry, single varietal wine is light and subtle. This wine serves as a nice alternative to Chardonnay. It will enhance a range of meals such as Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Cajun and other spicy cuisines. Try this wine with your favorite sushi. This versatile dry wine also pairs well with grilled chicken or salmon. Enjoy chilled.

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Semi-Sweet Asian Pear Wine

Semi-Sweet Asian Pear wine label

Produced from a blend of our own Asian pear varieties, this is an off-dry, subtly sweet and fruity wine with a smooth, mellow character that enhances a wide range of foods. Try it as an alternative to Riesling. Pair with grilled pork or poultry, tilapia and other light flaky fish. Enjoy chilled. This wine has won many medals in international competition including a Silver Medal in the 2012 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition.

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Spiced Sweet Asian Pear Wine

Spiced Sweet Asian Pear wine label

This ginger-spiced Asian pear wine has become a favorite with many. It is made using a unique blend of our own Asian pears. Its rich ginger flavor comes from the ginger root we use to make this wine. Sweet and gingery, this wine pairs well with spicy Asian and Indian meals such as sushi, Thai, Mandarin, Szechuan or Vietnamese. It is also excellent as a soothing after-dinner wine. Enjoy chilled, or warmed up for a winter treat. This wine has won many medals in international competitions including a double gold medal in the 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

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Fuji Apple Wine

Fuji Apple wine label

Our own Fuji apples are used exclusively to make this varietal wine that displays their unique character. Chestnut Run Farm Fuji Apple wine is a tart semi-sweet wine with the distinctive flavor of this gourmet apple. Enjoy this wine with a variety of meals such as turkey, salmon or pork dishes, or by itself as a refreshing sipping wine. It's great with sharp cheddar cheese. Enjoy chilled.

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Shiro Plum Wine

Shiro Plum Wine Label

Here's a new addition to our wine list: our Shiro Plum Wine. Shiro is a beautiful, large, golden-yellow Japanese plum variety. We grow these fruit using an espalier trellis system, right here on our farm. This wine is subtly sweet and has an incredible bouquet. It can be enjoyed before, during or after a meal and makes a great alternative to Sake with Japanese cuisine. This fine wine is sold in 375 ml bottles and will mainly be offered only in our retail shop on the farm.

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No grapes were harmed in the making of these wines!
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