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The Seasons at Chestnut Run Farm

There is always work to do at Chestnut Run Farm and it varies greatly as we move through the seasons. Contrary to the popular song, life on the farm is not "Kind of laid back," but is instead one of tiring but fulfilling work. Depending on the season, we can be found: in the orchards pruning trees, thinning blooms, mowing the orchard floor, monitoring the trees for diseases or harmful insects, or picking fruit; in the pastures feeding sheep, bailing hay, trimming hoofs or tending to newborn lambs; in the winery crushing fruit, tending fermentations, racking wine, bottling wine or labeling bottles; or loading up the truck to head off to wine festivals. As you look through the Seasons pages that follow, you will get a sense of the beauty of Chestnut Run Farm throughout the year, and of the work that goes into every bottle of our unique wines.

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No grapes were harmed in the making of these wines!
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