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Wine Festivals and Special Event Calendar

Most of our customers first meet us when tasting our wines at wine festivals. We enjoy meeting wine enthusiasts at these festivals and have made many friends along the way. We typically attend most of the festivals of the Garden State Wine Growers Association.

Out booth at the New Jersey Wine Festival
Sampling wine at the Chestnut Run Farm tent in a beautiful New Jersey State Park.
This was a Garden State Wine Growers Association festival.

Wine Festival
Here's a Garden State Wine Growers Association festival during set-up. In the center of the picture you can see our Chestnut Run Farm truck unloading wine into our tent
Wine Festival
Lise prepares the tent and our wine inventory for the day's sales
Wine Festival
Bob explains the wine selections during a small festival at Monmouth Park Race Track
Wine Festival
Bob's parents help out at the large festivals such as this Garden State Winegrowers Association event. Bob's father pours wine, on the left, as Bob's mother supervises in the back of the tent. Photo courtesy of the GSWGA.

Chestnut Run Farm is also a member of the Two Bridges Wine Trail, a community of nearby wineries in the Salem and Gloucester County Areas. The Two Bridges group regularly holds trolley trails and wine trail weekends, as well as festivals. You can also catch Chestnut Run Farm at a variety of municipal and local wine festivals throughout the state.


Schedule of upcoming events

02/10/18 - 02/11/18
12:00 - 5:00
Valentines Day Wine Trail

It's time for the Valentines Day Wine Trail and we're open. We'll be in the wine shop on the farm Saturday and Sunday, so come on out. While you are here, travel the Two Bridges Wine Trail and try our great neighboring wineries!

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