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About Chestnut Run Farm

The Farm We began farming in 1984, bought this farm in 1986, and permanently preserved the farm in 2001. During most of that time, we operated as growers/packers of fancy specialty fruit and vegetables including such items as Asian pears, gourmet apple varieties, yellow tomatoes, gourmet bell and hot peppers, baby round eggplant, baby round zucchini, ornamental Indian corn, giant pumpkins, peaches, and chestnuts. Most of these items were packed in fancy packages such as single-layer tray packs.

Globalization of the specialty produce industry led to decreasing market price, ultimately reaching the point where a small farm like ours could no longer compete with imported produce or corporate grown fruit from the West coast, so we had to find another way to keep our farm in business. After exploring many options and conducting experiments in the development of value-added products, we discovered that we could produce a variety of very nice wines from our Asian pears and Fuji apples. We switched from packing and shipping our fruit to wine production in 2006.

Scenes around the farm

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No grapes were harmed in the making of these wines!
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